Our Motto : “Strive for Innovative Education”

Welcome to Royal where we admit students regardless to race, gender or color



Sanayia-Tonj Town

Tonj State, S. Sudan

07:30 - 17:00

Monday to Friday

123 456 789


Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Our Staff

Top Administration/Management of Royal Progressive Academy

Royal Progressive Academy is headed by the administration that management, comprising of the Director, Principal and Director of Studies.

Mathiang Beny

I am self motivated person, ready to spend time for the young people.

Geoffrey Mugalagala
Head Teacher

I will be spending some time getting everything together for students.

Ring Mayom Chikom

I make sure that every student learn something each day.

Secondary School Teachers

Royal Progressive Academy recruits qualified staff that are self motivated and ready to teach our students.

It first registered 24 qualified teachers plus 4 supporting staff in 2018.

Malith Mayen

Transparency in my work motivates me to be a leader in this Institution.

Evans Odongo
Director of Studies

Working for this great institution is an ultimate privilege.

Ngor Chan Bol

Bring your child here and see the change in him.

Taban Bol
Chol Koknyin
Ajuong Aluong Aluong
Software Developer

We will strive more and more to bring this great school to the digital world.