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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

End of Third Term message to Teachers.

As we started our end of the year examinations today the 4th Nov 2019, we would like give thank to our Royal Progressive Academy teachers, for making all our lessons easy and fun. We are always grateful to have you as our mentors. You are our inspiration and role models.
Thanks for making us believe in ourselves. we could never imagine pulling ourselves up to the ladder if it weren’t for you.
Thank you, RoPA teachers.We always look forward to attending your classes.
Strive for Innovative Education.


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  • What Progressive Academy says: Flexible pacing for our students is made possible due to the high level of collaboration of our remarkable teachers and through the use of different strategies chosen to meet each student’s needs. Students are able to progress vertically through the curriculum by demonstrating their competence in any subject area. Through the collective mindset of teachers, administrators, students, and parents, each school develops and maintains its own academic culture. This generally relates to the norms and expectations created around academic performance. Many parents look to private schools because they want a specific type of culture. Some want a rigorous environment that will elevate their child to new heights. Others want a nurturing environment that will help their child develop a passion for learning.

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